By Jeff Ferrantino on May 28, 2014

Welcome to my new blog focused on sports and technology. My goal is to provide the latest industry news by aggregating content from several leading sources. I'd also like to create a community here for networking, sharing best practices and discussing topics of interest.

To give you a brief background, I have worked in the digital sports media industry for nearly 20 years. My initial experience came as one of the first employees for a startup called University Netcasting. The business launched in 1996 with the official athletic websites for Notre Dame, USC, Cal, Stanford, Texas Tech and the Big 12. During my tenure, we grew the network to more than 200 official college sites and became a Top-10 sports property. We were acquired by both Student Advantage and later College Sports Television, which in turn sold the business to CBS in 2005.

I would appreciate your patience as I develop this blog and add more content and features over time as time permits. If we aren't already connected, please feel free to add me on LinkedIn.